Broken Spring Repair

Broken Spring Repair in Granite Falls, WA

If you’re looking for a reliable, professional, affordable spring repair service in Granite Falls, WA, you’ve come to the right place. At Door Doctor Services, LLC, we offer a range of services for all types of commercial and residential doors and windows. If you need new springs installed or your existing ones repaired, we can help!

We can help you with any project that has to do with broken springs. We specialize in:

Our technicians are highly trained experts who will work with you to find a solution that meets your needs and isn’t overpriced. We believe in being honest about your problem and how much it will cost to fix it, so we’ll never recommend a solution unless it’s indispensable for your home’s safe operation. That way, you’ll never overpay for something you don’t need!

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Garage Torsion Spring Repair Granite Falls, WA

If you’ve ever had your garage door open on its own or found yourself stuck inside the garage because your door is stuck closed, it’s probably time to get your torsion springs checked out. Torsion springs make your garage door move up and down, so when they break, it can be a real nuisance.

At Door Doctor Services, LLC, we offer garage torsion spring repair services in the Orlando area to help keep your garage door in good working order no matter what type of problem you might have with it. Our technicians have been fixing garage doors since 1980’s and know how to handle any sort of problem that might arise with them. We also carry a wide selection of new and used parts so that we can get your door back into working order quickly and easily.

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Garage Extensions Spring Repair Granite Falls, WA

Garage door extensions are an essential part of your garage door system. When they break, you can’t open or close your garage door, which means you can’t get your car out of the garage. This can be a real problem if your car needs repairs or if you need to take it to the shop for another reason.

Fortunately, Door Doctor Services, LLC is here to help. We specialize in garage extension spring repair, and we have all the equipment and expertise needed to ensure that your extension springs are working properly again as soon as possible. Our team will come to your house and assess the situation, so we can determine whether or not the springs need to be replaced or if there’s another issue that needs to be addressed first. Once we’ve figured out what needs to be done, we’ll give you a quote for the cost of repair and get started on our work as soon as possible!